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SmartSeal closures are EASY to open...!
Most sports closures are hard to open. With our unique patented valve, ours opens without resistance.
12  May 2017

We wish you a spill proof summer.
SmartSeals closures come with a high quality. Our products are thoroughly tested for a range of risks including child safety and comply with industrial standards. They respect several EN saftey norms and are also tested using the methods described in the BSDA standards. Our closures are produced by Alpla with raw materials supplied by Actega. Flex 28 has been tested by Krones and is approved for aseptic filling.
ACTEGA is the world‘s leading supplier of sealants for closures and glass containers. In 2014 ACTEGA employed a workforce of 1,259 and achieved sales of EUR 332 million.

- food grade raw materials
- quality certificates
- stability
Actege is our principal raw material supplier
Our closures have been tested by Krones and found suitable for aseptic filling in line with the Coca Cola validation protocol for low acid products.
Flex28 is suited for aseptic filling
Alpla is our production partner. Alpla has 154 production plants and 16.000 employees world wide. Established in 1955 and with an annual turnover of more than EUR 3 mrd.

- minimized production risk
- production close to clients
- very scalable volumes
- experience
- quality certificates
Our producer guarantees high quality and safe supplies
SmartSeal Quality
In which countries are SmartSeal closures sold today?
Slavica Pajic- Drndarevic
tel. +381 63 647 681

Sergey Lebedev
Safe Cap
office +7 495 995 90 29

Olena Chervinska
+38050 6199632

Peru, Chile, Bolivia,
Ecuador, Colombia:
D.P.Plásticos SAC, Lima, Peru
Marco Zazzali
+51 981 132 375
Jarosław Czarny
Mastercap Polska
tel. +48 502 416 116

+33 6 86 24 92 66

Australia and New Zealand:
Warren Hunter,
Hunter X-Treme
+61 413 637 013

Drinking from a SmartSeal closure is a unique and very different experience. You don't really understand how cool the valve technology is before you actually tested one. It is very very different from other sports closures on the market today such as "Thumbs up" or "Push-and-Pull" and where these are not spill proof if you squeeze the bootle, ours are. Give us a call or send us a mail and we will happily send you free samples so you can understand what we mean.
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The active closure..
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In our last Facebook campain, more than 100.000 spill free fans viewed our video every day! Total views passed 1 million before we had to stop sending free samples to all our fans. Our Active Closures are cool and different.

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